Weekend and garden update



I have no idea what the black flowers are never seen these in blac




My youngest daughter few days ago on my 40th birthday 2016



Dart music festival 2016 was on over the past weekend, me and my girls had a lovely time for the 10th year …….


image Soon be auntie to another one has I’m auntie to over 18 year olds aswell what an awesome 40th !


Agatha Christies summer house

img_20160430_133521.jpgLast weekend I decided to take two my girls out for the start of this summer, (the middle daughter wanted to stay at her friends) we got our tictickets anbd boiarded the boat, only took about 20 mins before stepping out onto Greenway Quay, first stop was the lovely coffee shop for coffee (of course) and ice cream for my girls

(Waiting for the greenway boat with my youngest daughter, as usual she’s taken 5 of those milks with her from the coffee shop lol)



My two girls admiring the view from the boathouse where agatha would spend most of her summer days


And my youngest daughter dangling her feet over the edge, (no idea what she’s thinking but she didn’t want t leave there for awhile)



Personally I haven’t read any of Agatha christies books but here’s something from the history

‘One unpleasant winter’s day, I was recoveringfrom influenza, I was bored, I had read lots of books and was now reduced to dealing myself bridge hands, my mother looked in “why don’t you write a story”

Agatha Christie-An autobiography, 1977




img_20160430_135242.jpg  The whole grounds is full of history, beautiful views and  an amazing boathouse, some great reviews over on trip adviser the great thing about living local is we can come back and do the parts we had to miss out when it warms up abit more than it was, 



Some of the books and transcript

apparently the poirot book is a good read I heard someone on passing who obviously has read the book saying to me a poirot is one of those black and white close with a tear coming down one side of face but there we go.



Like I say it wasn’t to warm so we only spent a few hours walking around the house and boathouse before stopping off for coffee, some nibbles and the boat home






forget spring is here….

Summer is here now wasn’t that quick since my last blog and iv’e planted some more in my little garden project


Coming along nicely. Now….



wp-1461104544847.jpeg……upside wrong way around photo there oops!








Got a few more to plant then I’m done can sit and watch them groiw over the next 5 years whilst my girls are going through their teenager-hood years and be turning 18 years old in the meantime its the summer season \0/


That means fair, rainbow candy floss , fresh doughnuts, sun, sea and this weekend me and my girls got something planned all ready


Enjoy the start of summer …..




spring is most deffo here

Blimey lots happened in 2 months since I last blogged anything, family stuff, my dad might retire (officially he says he has) but then his kids might not let him, followed closely by his grandkids, now something I have learnt for future reference is when you fed up with hearing them, switch them off!


this requires either

1)-don’t answer the phone or email or chat or log into anywhere where they can find you


2) Just don’t pay your bill

Remember when you said way way way backwhen I was a kid  that I had two choices at that point in life

In case you need a reminder run n hide was not the two hehehe

I knew I would learn something from this errr experience lol

So moving on from that SPRING nearly summer, so glad to get Easter out the way my girls not bothered with the whole EGGsperence anymore grown out of it now, along with many other things that last year they loved including birthday parties they’d rather have the money and spend it on what they want to……growing up !

Leaving me dancing all over my garden……lol


Soon be the summer….






So about this world of design….

Where it all begins? …..primary school ….doesn’t it for us all? (I think it’s a teachers way of saying OK kids I can see where your mum/s is coming from so lets all draw class)

Then comes the bigger school where creativity on paper began, then the G.C. s. E”s ……dreaded things back then 23 years ago and I doubt it’s changed when it comes to my own girls over the next few years….

After school comes art college and whoooooo freedom to draw, color ,paint, create whatever you please, projects and projects and more projects

Art has no limits!

Just over 10 years ago I found some amazing design software, (still use this software today) it was a substitute for Photoshop, code your own website (code the net came soon after, those broken links and 404’s slowly started to disappear ……fixing the broken love ) making movies, drawing without paper all digital….. Today thanks to the digital world I can now design ten years later in at least 4 different design software

seriff software where it all began….

Connecting with Microsoft ten years ago and giving feedback and our ideas over on their website was where worlds came together ….photobucket and imageshack came together, forumjunkies came soon after a website where Shelly once (and probably still do’s) post on her undieing love for Robbie Williams whilst the rest (including myself) played the games ….. Dropping a coffee in the chat box has we popped in not forgetting the chokkie biscuits

The world online started to grow blogging sites, blogger and high 5 and another website where invite was in person only  (windows live spaces is where most of us would group up untill it closed in 2010 and we came to WordPress) the app world has it is today continues to grow and grow years and years later as we know it today




Photo above taken summer 2015………


Just a few of my design stuff above, iv’e started to upload into a portfolio online for now till I rebuild that website I once built back in 2008/9 over on seriff


Above photo fairground ride at the yearly regatta….


Valentines Day

Should of posted this yesterday but with all the baking and tidying up afterwards I just didn’t have the time has well has it being valentines day it was my youngest daughter’s 12th birthday,


The joys of my two older girls is once they have stopped arguing of which one is going to ice which buns they do a pretty good job


Jelly with marshmellows….


And chokkie ice cream


The birthday cake made by me




Think this is going to be the last time for valentine birthday party’s…..

Little miss has grown out of them!



The art of beeswax

This evening I decided to put that beeswax i bought to some good use and let my girls and their friend make some fancy things with the beeswax


It’s surprising how fast these melted down to make something bigger than what we made you’ll need double the amount above


my youngest daughter pouring the beeswax into the shape she wanted to make


I think next time they want to make the candles so I’m off to search for some of that now they getting bigger and I know they can do this it looks like bigger girls things to make and do when fed up are needed, gives me something to research on and get a list I think for them to do now iuts half term




It doesn’t take long for the beeswax to harden again about an hour and half for the bigger piece and half hour to 45mins for the little pieces



Tomorrow it’s cookies, buns and marshmallow fruit sticks I think is the plan although set to change depending on the weather,

TeenagerHood taken to the Max….

Sooooo someone once said the joys of teenagers who was it? Where is he? It’s got to be a he has a women would of never ever in a million years said that quote, the joys of what? It’s not even funny!

The joys of telling your teenager to go to school, no no demanding your teenager go to school at 8:30 when she should of left 15 mins before is what is not funny….. Apart from has parents we can now get a massive fine!

Food the first time EVER I had to demand my daughter get out my house and get to school , wtfrigg????

I’m not surprised my middle daughter went up to school and all heck broke lose I think my neighbours are now hiding from me in case I erupt at them because let’s face iut thgey be that older generation who once told us that children where a delight….haaa yes how it all comes back to them now and wait till my mum comes back she ain’t going to hear the lkasdt of it, what was it my Own mum said to me when iu was about 15 years old
Haaa yes her words where ‘ kids are amazing,’ ‘you never stop wondering with a child what’s next’
Ohhh you can say that again….
The police is what my mother failed to mention is there any wonder she’s gone away right now awesome timing its has though she almost knew this was going to happen’ and so left and who can blame her really never mind I sorted it on my own mum so if your reading this out there, sat behind ya computer screen yes very funny I can see where you think thus was a parenting test hahahaha, (I have to blame my mum has really she’s the only one to blame right now, bit like my own daughters who blame me right now see the pattern emerging)? So until all had calmed down over the weekend with me and my daughters I agreed with the police that they went off to stay with my brother, his G/friend and my nieces and nephews, I went up the school and sorted it out with a professional after school monday who saw my daughters attitude towards me and agreed there needs to be some help put in place (tbh I could of walked away from it all on Monday)

Now my dad will sit behind his computer screen going hallauja for once I’m not getting the blame for the first time in 40 years! You can have that new years drink now dad lol
By the way my dad finally decided to retire he made out to 65 years old , half of Yorkshire will be wondering how the chuff he managed it without having 2 heartattracks and needing medication just to calm him down but there you go he now hides away from his grandkids and there ever list of ‘can I have please’ I think it’s at this point now his grandkids can catch him in that the changes his number …..and that’ll be my mum calling

So all is sorted with my teenagers, the system are helping put something in place for my angry now middle daughter whilst they still angry that I won’t give in to them,  which her anger seems to have a rippling effect when it comes to get friends homes so I’m getting it all skirted Shame it had to come to this has that actually happened 18 months to 2 years ago and all hgad already calmed down as adults and parents to our kids we sorted out out back then but hey oh its gotten to the point where my middle daughters demanding is effecting the family and so communication problems are now an issue and I’m getting it sorted before it gets out of control but this is the last time!

Meanwhile my older daughter is doing hger poiset16 applying for training courses through the school sdo she’ll bve off in a different part oif her life adventures next year, followed closely by my middle daughter then juyst the youngest to get through the school system then I’m done!

The sacrifices of giving birth = ending up staying single till they tuyrn 18 years old by the seem of it really, then and only then when your done with bringing up your kids single (now long term) can you go out and get a job go on training courses that you should of been doing at 24-26 years old but instead that’ll be when you gave birth and started your single motherhood, oh well! Hard part is over now ……



Me and my youngest daughter last night after school watching a movie


Whoo it’s the start of 2016

Blimey that went fast crimbo, and new year (hope you had an awesome time) …they both seemed to roll into one this side of my puter, like an avalanche included in that was the panda pod cortosy of being known to them as well so if you happen to be admiring the view from a distance and suddenly notice the unthinkable, i would love to say google images and google maps are telling porkies failing that i don’t live here anymore im a good girl really….well errm some things even just after new year are just unmissable and that over on google maps will be one of them.


My girls and myself spent it with my family, the bah humbug of my dads crimbo hat was ontop of the tree waiting for him, and my mums santa hat, this year they shared the day with my youngest brother and his g/friends little ones, am so glad i gone past buying those primary school and baby toys geez my youngest brothers house suddenly reminded me of how glad i am to be over that expense, teenagers whilst fussy they happy with bottles of nail varnish rather than dolls houses,


No snow or frost here, so no photographes of crispy leaves, or frozen water here this year.

Things have changed to this side of the computer as well has still got to do that course, i have to get these projects started…motivation means staying of facebook because lets face it that place has a certain magnet effect and for some strange reason you do find yourself logging in more than out, (keeping my girls off there is going good, hiding my mobile phones is working)…..so sorry if i dont text back or answer those whatsapp messages keeping my girls off there is more important right now.


Plan for the start of 2016- new years resolutions

1)pass this next course (2 years later lol)

2)start these projects

3)get out there now my girls are older and all out of primary school …..(soon be free of them) \0/

4)sort out all those memories so far and collections i have of stuff done with my girls over the past 10 years inbetween online stuff

till next years crimbo comes around again …. all the best for 2016






crimbotime 2015

Nearly the end of another year, now my girls are older I noticed they are abit different about it all now, hmm not so much excited ….they more excited for their nephews and nieces, not really bothered what they get as long has they get something …hmm I guess that’s what comes with having the tech already, so its back to the traditional Christmas where I think that they are wanting to do more baking and get creative than what’s the top notch gadget for crimbo (which saves on cash so I’m not moaning really) just surprised that they seem to be not so excited, ….growing up I guess so I’ll leave them to grow up I think meanwhile wondering if to have Bailey’s with my whipped cream or advocate …both = the same so I think I’ll take both lol, as I’m nearly 40 years old soon and really I think after 13 years of being t-total (for some strange reason) I think it’s time to say stuff it , 2016 is my life and getting it back again, so here’s to ya Santa ……


THis girls back to the good stuff before we all get to old to even buy it from the shops anymore because we cannot be bothered to walk there and walk back lol


(P.s- Santa if you reading this, I stayed t-total because I had no choice, I had kiuds simple has that)

Are we all ready for the tinsel, and pixie dust ?

Think mum can get the chestnuts going on crimbo eve (now me and my brother live up the road from each other she can now see  her grandkids in one town makes life after her stroke back in march 2009 easier)  whilst my girls do the cookies


Of course now the full extent of the NHS dentist damage from back in september 2009 now all sorted and the old gums are now healed since the dentist said it would take that long to fix I might be able to eat my crimbo lunch without wondering how the heck I’m meant to chew, all this  whilst being still single mum for another year just bringing up my kids, its all about to change has we move into 2016….apart from the loss of smile, so about that job lol (I never wanted ya Santa suit anyway ) hehehe

Merry crimbo don’t forget the roast spuds